Science Is King

Science dictates lives: what you do, where you live, who you marry. It takes care of you, covers your bills, keeps you healthy, and all it asks in return is that you participate in a few experiments. Ridgeway has always been a control group, left mostly alone, but the Department of Science has been moving in, and everything is about to change.

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 OOC Rules
Mad Science
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 12:20 AM


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Posts // 52

Merit // Excellent

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Partner // Well Collected Data

Mini Quote

It's poetry in motion. She turned her tender eyes to me. As deep as any ocean, As sweet as any harmony. But she blinded me with science!


the ooc rules

Behavior Rules:

1. Don’t be a jerk. Respect other players. Don’t Godmode.

2. Issues between members should be resolved between members.
--- If they cannot please see one of the staff members to arbitrate.
--- If you have an issue with a staff member, please speak to the CEO.

3. Have Fun.

Registration Rules:

1. Please register with an OOC account. This will be your parent account for all character sub-accounts. We ask that it matches the name you use in the cbox and in any discord server we create as an official channel.

2. Character accounts should be registered in proper caps First Last names. ie: Keegan Malone.

3. Profiles should be completely filled out and a post placed in the registration forum with the title: last name, first name, and a subtitle of: Age in # -- Job -- Face Claim.

Character Rules:

1. We will only accept characters over 14 years of age.

2. While we have no character limit, we do expect members to be active with all characters.
---To help with this, in order to post a new character, all previous characters must have been posted within the last two weeks.
---If you have a character marked inactive, you must wait at least two more weeks to apply for any new characters.

3. Due to the setting, all characters will be born in the United States.

4. We do ask for a wait period between characters of 1 week.

5. To help keep things balanced we have a two to one ratio for females. If you app two females, you must app a male. Male characters can be made as you like.

Posting Rules:

1. At least one IC post should be made in a month for a character to be considered active.
--- This can include Text Posts, though we encourage longer posts.

2. All IC posts must be made in their appropriate character account.

3. We prefer members do not use templates in IC threads. Some members may not be able to read templated posts on mobile devices and we want posts to be accessible to all members.
---Templates are allowed in the Shipping/Tracking/ect. Forums, just not in regular posts.

4. Similarly, we prefer that no one use signatures. Avatars are more than big enough to get creative with. Sigs break up posts and can stretch the board on mobile devices, so we’d rather avoid that.

5. Something Blue has a rating of 3-3-3, meaning that adult language and content are allowed.
-- Please include trigger warnings in the subject line of your thread for possibly triggering material.

Marriage Rules:

1. Once a notice has gone out, newlyweds have 5 days to respond in that partnership thread. Members who do not respond will not be re-matched on the next round, but the one following that.
--- After two non-responses, the character will not be partnered, and may be considered inactive.
--- If a member has a LOA, their character(s) may not be partnered that round.

2. Characters do not have to post a thread with a marriage ceremony, but can if the players want to.

3. If a partner does not respond to a post within one week, the player can file a missing persons notice. The player who filed can be re-matched immediately while the person who was reported missing must wait out one partnership round before being re-matched. If a player is reported missing again, they will have to wait a month to be re-matched.
--- If the player who filed does not have any new biological or step-children, the match can be considered to never have happened.
--- If the player who filed does have new children, the match would be considered to have happened.
--- --- The partner who files the Missing Person will keep the children, and edit the marriage into their profile including the death of their most recent partner, edited as necessary for timelines.
--- --- The partner who is considered Missing, if still active, will edit the marriage into their profile, but will not be allowed to keep the children.

4. If a partnership cannot work out, they may petition the staff for a joint break. In a Joint Break, both players can be re-partnered at the same time. However, not every case will be acceptable.
--- Acceptable cases include: Mismatched posting speeds or discomfort of player.
--- Unacceptable cases include: Attempts to circumvent a Missing Person file or a Miss Fortune/ Blind Justice/ Mad Science hit.

Prearranged Marriages:

1. Something Blue currently has no limits on the number of pre-arranged marriages its members may have.
--- Members are encouraged to play characters able to be matched by the government, but if you have a specific plot in mind we do not want to hinder that.
--- This rule is subject to change.

2. You may have no more than 2 pre-arranged marriages with any one player.
--- The staff will do their best to vary pairs between players when making partnerships so players get a variety of friends.

Admin Account Guidelines:

Mad Science Account:

This account will be used to alert players that their characters have become part of an experiment.

Experiments will always affect more than one couple and will give a description of the experiment and a time frame for the experiment. Some hits will have criteria (couples who have children, couples in which both members have similar jobs), others will be assigned completely randomly.

Blind Justice Account

This account will be used to enforce the rules of the universe we’ve created.

If we believe a rule may have been unclear, or that the player’s post was confusing, we reserve the right to PM someone before hitting their post, to double check.

If it is extremely out of character for that character to break a law, and the thread has not progressed, we may give the player an opportunity to edit before the hit is made. If the thread has progressed, then the Justice hit is considered valid.

Miss Fortune Account

This account will be used to give random crazy happenstance to threads. When a thread has been hit by Miss Fortune, a coin flip will determine a “Good” Luck event or a “Bad" Luck event.

Players may opt out of Miss Fortune. Once opted out, Miss Fortune will not visit any of that player's threads until the players opts back into Miss Fortune. All players will be assumed opted in unless otherwise stated.

Miss Fortune will do her best to fully read the thread and judge the tone of the thread before giving a hit. Any hit that is deemed inappropriate can be contested by contacting our OPS Officers.

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